Currently Under Investigation

I'm dobbing in my sister Jenny as she always hides when it's her turn to shout a round.

I am dobbing in my brother in law Troy, every time we go out anywhere as a family his hand is always in the esky taking other people's drinks for himself.

Dodgy Dave strikes again! Spotted him nicking CC from my stash. Reporting for grand theft and beverage betrayal.

My friend James is Canadian so he thinks it's his birthright to steal anything Canadian!

My mate always offers to bring his esky for the drinks so when the day,weekend or trip is over he goes home with the leftovers. We make fun of him and he doesn't get the joke about offering to bring our esky's lol.

My son takes my CC and Dry all the time and never replaces them. When I go looking for one in the fridge, it's empty.

Wifey claims that she only drinks white wine, but suddenly becomes a CC girl as soon as I bring the goods home.

My best mate Jose never EVER brings drinks to parties or pays for pub brews. The BIGGEST thief of the lot!!!!

I have a friend called Heather I invite regularly for dinner and she always brings a bottle of wine but drinks my CC and dry instead and then takes her wine home.

My neighbour wont admit he is over beer and is continuously drinking my cc and cola whenever we have weekend drinks.

I am Dobbing in my mate, Jim, who always turns up to Sunday, barbecue with lemonade and ends up, stealing my Canadian club and cola.

I have a confession I am a drink thief especially when it comes to Canadian Club.

My mate Roy who still thinks he's a uni student by rocking up with a $15 6 pack of cheap beer. He'll then drink two of them and scab the rest off me! Not my fault I have spectacular taste

Dobbing in my BF, he only buys cheap beer! The man needs a CC in his fridge and in his life!

I'm dobbing in my dad Dave, every time I bring some CC's around he magically has run out of any other drinks !!

I'm dobbing in my housemate Russell for drinking my CCs every Friday after work

I'm dobbing in my mate Sean who always drinks my CC and Sodas as he says he struggles to find them when he goes shopping

My daughter usually drinks beer, but every time she visits she ALWAYS pinches my CCs! Give me a break, please!

Im dobbing in 2 mates from work. We have CC's in the loading dock every Tuesday night after work and somehow they always forget and it seems to be my shout every week

I'm dobbing in my older brother, wouldn't shout if a shark bit him and loves to help himself to my Cc cola's in the fridge everytime he visits

I'm dobbing in my dad. He drinks beer but every time I buy CC's he always drinks mine and he says they are his even though I bought them.

Picture this: your ex-boyfriend turned fridge and Esky bandit, stealthily swiping drinks at every event. Despite the sticky situation, you're choosing laughter over bitterness because, hey, friendship matters more than a few missing can. Embrace the chaos!

My wife (Veronika) keeps taking all my Canadian Club from the fridge & drinking them so I need to put a lock on fridge tis will help till I get the lock on the fridge.

I'm dobbing in my mate Will, happy to drink anything as long as he didn't supply it.

I'm dobbing in my little brother Shaun always turning up empty handed for last 20 years drinking my CC's & Dry stubbies. This has to stop!

I'm dobbing in my father Terry! I come over for a visit and bring two cans of CC & Dry Zero and he always steals a can even though he has a fridge full of horrible cheap brands of beer.

My mate Boydo comes over, asks for a drink. I give him a premium CC & Dry, we both have one. There's one left, and the bloke takes it for himself.

I'm dobbing in my mate Vaman for constantly raiding my fridge of CC premium strengths.

I'm dobbing in The Mrs! She's been sneaking my CC's and telling me I drank them but can't remember, but I don't wear lipstick!

I'm dobbing my mate Travis. Everytime we are fishing he waits to the buggers are biting then he swipes them from my esky! Trav your a drink thief cobber!

Im dobbing in Doyle, we all drive to the the bottle shop after we get dinner, He is the only one who doesnt buy anything then as soon as we get back to my place he askes me for a CC! Absolute Dog Act!

I'm dobbing my best friend Tobs as he always rocks up to my house with cheap beers and ends up drinking the CCs in my fridge saying that it's more refreshing...

Dobbing in my partner Cameron. Just because we share a drink fridge DOES NOT equate for him to steal my drinks I work hard for to buy

Im dobbing in my dad Jason! At christmas time he always steals my cc's! How can he not to be fair. But it sucks when i check the fridge and see weve run out.

I dobbing in my son Hartley as he always drinks my CC on our family BBQ!

I'm dobbing in my best mate who always rocks up with Aldi beer and never sips any of it, always straight onto our CC's!

I'm throwing my mate Poz under. Without fail he'll rock up with a cheap 4 pack of cider and drink my CCs, EVERY time. He's not even shy about it anymore. My fridge constantly needs restocking.

Dobbing in my beauitful partner Caroline as when we have a family bbq she always says she not drinking, then gets caught hooking into my CC Dry when I duck into the house for supplies. I still love her.

I'm dobbing in my son jai he likes to steal my ccs out if the fridge and doesn't replace them with a cold one

My best mate Raddy , is always coming over , taking a can out the fridge and making himself at home . Unacceptable to not even offer myself my own drinks!

I'm dobbing in my brother, as he loves to steal my cc's every time I drink them! No matter how much I tell him to stop he doesn't listen

My mate Vids shows up to every party with a new craft beer he's been wanting to try yet 2 hours in he's pinching the CCs from the eski and drinking them out the back

I'm dobbing in my brother always rocks up with nothing just heads to our fridge and helps himself.

I'm dobbing in my best mate/brother inlaw. Everytime he comes to my house he goes straight to my fridge and grabs himself a nice cold cc. He does this before even saying Hi

Once upon a time, I caught Ethan red-handed at a party. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I filled their stolen drink with a harmless but super concentrated food coloring. Let's just say, their mouth turned into a rainbow! It was a colorful surprise for everyone!

I'm dobbing in my mate Rory (nickname Kitten) who is into triathlons so turns up to events with alcohol free beer but then proceeds to raid my stash of CC and Dry.

Dobbing in my mate Charlie. Always cleans out the fridge at the after party before he heads home. Pretty foul behaviour.

It's me. I'm the drink thief :( I now realise what I've done. Feeling regretful, I want to make it up to my mates with something much better than I've been bringing.

I'm dobbing in my mum, she's always sneaking peoples drinks at family catch ups

I'm dobbing in my roommate Jackson because my CC's keep 'evaporating' from the fridge.

I'm dobbing my brother Jordan, no matter what family occasion, he would always steal my CC drinks, even worse, my CC merch!

Im dobbing in my partner! When i go to the store to buy drinks he always says he wants beer. I come back with CC for me and beer for him and instead he takes my CCs!

My son comes over all the time never has one can of CC and dry just drinks my ones who doesn't love a CC and dry

My wife always steals my last CC & Dry and as I don't drink beer, leaves me craving my last refreshing drink

I'm dobbing my mate Dylan in because whenever I bring a six pack of CC and Dry to a party he will almost always nab at least 2 of them

I'm dobbing my mate in zoomy, she always rocks up to mine with no drinks and drinks my c.c drinks I have in the fridge

My hubby ! It's like a 6th sense whenever I crack a can of CC hubby appears from nowhere

I'm dobbing in my girlfriend. She claims she doesn't like CC soda & lime. But every time we go to a gathering, she always ends up drinking mine over her wine!

I'm dobbing in my cousin Anthony. He lives 1 street away and is notorious for stealing my peaceful Friday nights to crack more CCs with me.

I'm dobbing in my bf, EVERY time we get a drink out he never gets a CC and without fail swops whatever he's drinking with my CC by the end of the night. I just want my CC!!

I'm dobbing in my husband. Never takes drinks to anyone's house so will steal mine. No -one likes to share CC especially not me lol

Dobbing in my best friends son. It's not just drinks he steals but my CC merch as well.

I'm dobbling in my mate Logan cause he always brings a carton of beer but always ends up asking me for some of my CC's

I'm dobbing in my neighbours, they have a spare key and when I'm away for work they go in to my fridge and pinch the good stuff (the good stuff being CC and Dry of course)

i'm dobbing in my dad, everytime he comes to my house he opens the fridge puts his beer in and crack my CC

My kids (over 18 of course) help themselves to my alcohol before they go out

I'm dobbing myself in for swiping my brothers cans out of the fridge after he's had a few and let him think he drank it. I do this probably 3 times a week!

I'm dobbing in my girlfriend Elise who claims she doesn't like CC's but never has an answer for where mine have gone missing!

Sorry Joshy but you've drunk my CC's now for the last time. You're the life of the party and always the last one kicking but my CC's are too good to give up, even to you. Enough is enough

It's got to be my brother Flynn, always leave some drinks at my parents house, I head back open the fridge and 99% of the time they're nowhere to be seen!

I'm dobbing myself in, I can't go past the fridge on a hot day without sneaking an ice cold refreshing CC n dry zero sugar in.. pure bliss.

My wife steals my drink when I bath for kids

I'm dobbing in my husband, he always takes my last CC & dry out of the fridge and never replaces it - even though he claims he doesn't like the zero sugar ones... he lies!!!

My friend always goes to the fridge and helps herself to my drinks, now I hide them in the bedroom clothes closet - somewhere she never goes because I have no taste in clothes

Im dobbing in my 19 yr old son cause every time I go to fridge to get one mine are always gone

Im dobbing in myself, I rock up at my dads house every Tuesday with either no drinks or just a 6-pack because I have every intention of stealing his C.Cs out of his bar fridge

I'm dobbing in my mum because she raids my bar fridge every time she comes over and drinks my CC & drys.

My mate James was eloping and stole my 10 pack of CC's soda's to celebrate with the new misses. I would please like my CC's back :)

My son! Takes my card to buy me a drink and comes back with one for himself.

My mum - shes a classic drink thief. Will always come to my house for dinner with no drinks and drink all my CC & drys

I'm dobbing my mum in. Every time I have drinks in the fridge especially when there CC's, she claimed that because there in her house that they are her drinks

I'm dobbing in my girlfriends brother Tom, he's always been a drink theif and it's about time he got called out on it.

I'm dobbing my mate Cam. Notoriously flakey and quiet when making plans, will always rock up empty handed and raid my drinks fridge (generally reaching for my CC and dry's!)

my brother is shocking for it, if there's one in the fridge it doesn't last long if he's around

When the weekend arrives and it's time to enjoy our lives, my wife always try's to steal my CC and drys!

Brother-in-law Tom, shocker at coming for dinner having a few beers then peels out my CC cans early if they are in the fridge

My dad is notorious for pinching My drinks.

I'm dobbing my mate Chris because he always steals a couple of drinks from me when he's beers run out.

I'm dobbing in my dad because I whenever i leave my CCs in the fridge, without fail a couple of them 'go missing'

Im dobbing in my brothers for filling up my fridge with CC's and not letting me drink them or go near them

I'm dobbing in my step mum, she drinks her couple she brings then hook into mine. Sometimes taking her own back.

Im dobbing in my friend they all want my CC instead of there drinks

Dobbin in the Missus as she's the biggest CC Thief on planet earth... bathroom break, my CC is gone.. Cuttin' the grass... My CC is gone... hangin' the washing, my CC GONE!!!

My 19 year old son's friends always reach for my crisp, cold CCs leaving behind their revolving apple cider! They have the taste for the good stuff now lol

An old mate Josh didn't bring any drinks to a group melbourne trip and just kept pinching different drinks from each person, including a bunch of my CCs

I'm dobbing my mother in for always disappearing when it's her shout

My Canadian mate Natalie who always says she hates Canadian Clubs but drinks mine lol

My brother comes over drinks my CC's and never replaces them

I'm dobbing in my cousin Anthony. He lives 1 street away and is notorious for stealing my peaceful Friday nights to crack more CCs with me.

There's a girl I see and she always takes my drinks without paying, might block her idk

I'm dobbing my partner Justin. He's always saying he doesn't need to bring any drinks to a party because he isn't drinking, but then he just steals all my precious CCs instead!

Im dobbing in my partner chris, he always steals my drinks and even drinks the one I'm sitting on. I cannot enjoy a CC due to him always finishing off my cans.

I always buy CC & Dry for myself but my wife steals them and never owns up to it.

I'm dobbing in my father in law stealing my CC's get your Own

I am dobbing in my younger brother who will always steal my CCs out of the fridge cause he's too lazy to drive to the bottle shop to buy some for himself

Im dobbing in my Mrs, everytime I go to pick up some drinks she says she doesn't want anything but she always ends up stealing mine. Guess you really do have to share EVERYTHING once you get married.

Dobbing in my twin sons. Arrive but forget to bring drinks most times and drink all our CC's and beer. Sorry mum, next time we'll remember!

My wife Jo especially during summer . We apparently have a magic bar fridge where drinks disappear but only CC & Soda . Please help

I am dobbing in my husband. I will make myself a CC, turn some music on and start cooking dinner, then hubby comes to see what's cooking between on-line work meetings and next thing my CC is gone!

My wife Molly is a CC thief. I am drinking cheaper beverages at the moment to save on money - but with those savings she has switched her drink of choice and has started drinking CC lime and sodas. A literal CC thief if ever there has been one.

I'd like to dob in a good mate of mine that goes by the name of Brandon, everytime we happen to go out, little by little he's sneaking in my eski and thieving my drinks

I am dobbing in my partner Corey, every time I have 1 can of CC left he loves to help himself instead of saving it for me!!

I am dobbing in my housemate Alex. He rips on me for not drinking beers and liking CC's but he will constantly steal my CC's because he is over his beers. I need to hide this 10 pack so he can't steal anymore of them.

My partner!! I keep a sneaky stash downstairs in the fridge and I go to grab one & nothing left but the box. Grrrrrrrr every time

I'm dobbing in my brother Dan, when he comes over the first thing he does is go into my fridge and steel my CC

I'm dobbing in my mum. She is always stealing my CC's and blaming it on dad. I know its her though. When I offer her any she says she doesnt want one, then steals it out of the fridge when I leave.

Everytime I buy a 10 pack of Canadian Club they get slowly pinched out of the fridge. I'm sure it's that sneaky elf on the shelf

I'm dobbing in my friend. He always skips out when it's his turn to shout CC's at the pub.

I'm dobbing in my dads friend mark, he is always popping around for a drink, but never seems to provide the drinks

i dob in my mate Tim, hes always stealing my CC's when we are at golf cause they are way better than the beer he drinks

I'm dobbing in my cousin Cam. No matter what the occasion, I always see him dipping into my stash of CC's when he has his own beers sitting right there. I've had to start hiding them just so they don't go walkabouts!

My mum always rocks up with beer to my place and i always have C.C in the fridge which she is guaranteed to take it instead so im stuck with the beer

I'm dobbing in my mate who always says why am I drinking CC when I should be having a beer but ends up always turning to my CCs by the end of the night.

I'm dobbing in my housemate chris as he rocks up to partys with beer but drinks my CC's

Im dobbing in my girlfriends dad whenever he sees me having a CC he will come over to the esky grab a CC and say i owe you mate. I think currently im owed somewhere around 2 cartons. Please give me some CC relief

I'm dobbing in my cousin Cam. No matter what the occasion, I always see him dipping into my stash of CC's when he has his own beers sitting right there. I've had to start hiding them just so they don't go walkabouts!

I'm dobbing in my husband, he has his own beer but somehow always manages to drink all my CC & Dry.

I'm dobbing in my partner! She never used to drink CCs. Now I buy a pack and she drinks all of them! It's bloody ludicrous!

I'm dobbing in my partner who is always thieving my CCs out of the fridge ..

My little brother always knicks my CC's out of our parents fridge on Christmas Day. The real life CC grinch

I'm dobbing in my boyfriend who pretends his beers taste better than my CC's

I'm dobbing In my old man Mark. Once his supply of beers runs out in the fridge, he steals my precious supply of CC and dry. He is notorious for not following unspoken rule of replacing what you've taken. I need to refreshing CC stock to be returned.

My Brother Scotty is the biggest esky thief, every time we go fishing, camping or a campfire at home he takes my drinks out of my esky. Lucky he's my brother.

I'm dobbing myself son generously lets me have a CC whenever i visit. I owe him big time!

I'm dobbing in my adoring wife Hayley. I'm a shift worker and there's nothing more frustrating then coming home after a big shift only to find those two precious cans I left on ice have somehow been consumed. God I love my wife!

Dobbing in myself as I say I don't want a drink of CC then steal my husbands. It annoys him every time. Love my CC!

My mate brady, the worst, right as, brings cheap stuff, drinks my CCs, the worst!!

I'm dobbing in my mate Thomas for stealing the CCs. Always when I'm not looking he sneaks one and trys to play it off. Says he is 'trying it' bit I never see the can again.

I'm dobbing in my hubby. He has beer in the fridge but he still nicks my CC.

I'm dobbing in my mother for always stealing my ice cool CC on a hot summers day!

My mate Ethan, he never brings his own cans and always drinks mine and never restocks them

Dobbing in all mates always put a Sunday barbecue on and by the end of the day everyone drinking my CC

When my son comes over his first stop is the fridge and helps himself to whatever drinks are in there while never adding to the supply

I'm dobbing in myself. I'm usually the one that brings beer but end up drinking my friends CC because nothing beats a nice cold CC on a hot day including beer.

I'm dobbing in my mate Brendan, always offers to get the first round of beers, then suggests a round of CC's on my shout.

Dobbing in my mum as everytime I bring home the CCs there's a couple gone by the next day when I get home from work!

I'm dobbing in my partner always says he doesn't want a drink but will then drink my can that I've got out and opened for myself

My mate hoopo. Doesn't claim to be a CC fan but after a couple he seems to always have one of your CCs in his hand. Hoopo the CC thief

I'm dobbing in my wife, she often claims *not to want any drinks" when I stock up, every sunny afternoon, guess who's raiding my stash...

MI'm dobbing in my wife for taking my ice cold cans and leaving non left :(

I'm dobbing in my neighbour Steve who likes to take my CC's when he visits despite saying he only likes his home brew.

My mate Tyler has a sweet tooth and will always thieve a CC from me. Luckily I always have plenty on hand to share with my friend.

The boss at my gym asks all the coaches ( that includes me ) to bring a few drinks to enjoy after Friday night training and we're cleaning up / setting up for next day. He takes my CC. Never asks, just grabs it and drinks.

I'm dobbing in my best mate Paul, he says he doesn't like Canadian Club but my cans always seem to go doubly quick with him around